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SKS Company is a Chartered Accountant. SKS Company C A Firm. SKS Company Profides Accountancy Services, Auditing Service, Incomet Tax, Online Income Tax, Financial Work, Financial, Company Law Matters in ranchi, Jharkhand, India.

SKS Company is a Chartered Accountant Firm based in ranchi. C. A Firms in ranchi, jharkhand, SKS Company Profides Accountancy Services, Auditing Service, Incomet Tax, Online Income Tax, Financial Work, Financial, Company Law Matters in ranchi, Jharkhand, India.

  • A cubcake, a cup with brushes and a trophy with a charry on top
  • A cubcake, a cup with brushes and a trophy with a charry on top
  • A cubcake, a cup with brushes and a trophy with a charry on top
"Income tax: Deadline for filing return extended till August 5 Delhi VAT Amendments during 2012-14 - Highlights Important Due dates this month, dated 01-07-2014 Income Tax office slaps Rs. 577-cr tax demand notice on Infosys, dated 20-05-2013 Govt gets power to arrest service tax defaulters, dated 20-05-2014 Taking the tedium out of TDS, dated 13-05-2014 Service tax returns not in form.


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partner We, SUMAN KUMAR SINGH & Co are a leading firm of Chartered Accountants (Indian CPA's) located in Ranchi i.e. the capital of the "State of Jharkhand" rendering comprehensive professional services which include Independent Audit & Assurance, Internal Audit, Bank Audit, Accounting & Corporate Support, Outsourcing Activities, Legal Support, Management Consulting, Tax Consultancy, Tax Audit, and Advice on Indirect Taxes. At SUMAN KUMAR SINGH & Co, we know an organization is more than its bottom line. And we know that facts and figures alone may depict a company's financial success, but not necessarily its character or personal philosophies.


Suman Kumar Singh & CO. has established practice groups to serve its clients’ diverse needs:

• Auditing
• Taxation (Direct & Indirect Taxation).
• Professional Tax
• Corporate & Commercial
• Finance & Banking.
• Infrastructure.
• Privatization & Disinvestment.

While specialization is essential in today’s professional world, Suman Kumar Singh & Co recognizes that clients’ needs often transcend specialties. Therefore, the firm places the resources of all practice groups at the disposal of all clients.


Suman Kumar Singh & Co has diversified experience of auditing, like, Statutory Audit, Internal audit, Concurrent audit, System audit, Stock audit, Human resource audit and energy audit. Company has ample experience of handling audit of Indian companies as well as multinational companies.


Direct taxation like, Income Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax, wealth tax and Indirect Taxation, Like Service Tax, VAT, Sales Tax, Works Contract Tax matter, Commercial matter related to industrial law, EPZ, EOU units. Auditing Regulatory Compliance.
Suman Kumar Singh & Co engages in an exceptionally sophisticated, broad-based tax practice, touching on many different economic sectors. The firm advice clients on tax planning issues relating to the establishment of a corporate business presence in India and the subsequent conduct of business in general and by such corporate entities. The firm also recommends tax-efficient structure for establishing a business presence in India consistent with the business prevailing tax regime and the provisions for applicable double taxable agreements. The taxation team advises clients on direct and indirect tax issues including customs duty, excise duty, income tax, gift tax wealth tax, sales, tax, stamp duty, works contract tax transactional taxes and local device such as services tax. Advice is provided on various individuals and personal tax matters including those relevant to expatriate present in India.
The firm represents clients in tax litigation case at various levels, including tribunals. The firm is actively involved in providing tax-related advice on acquisitions, mergers, de mergers, absorption’s, reorganization and restructuring of businesses. In providing tax related advice on transactions, the firm has coordinated complex transaction and developed excellent working relationships with a variety of international tax and financial advisors.

• Business reorganization
• Cross-border Transactions
• Direct & Indirect Taxes
• Double Taxable Agreements
• Stamp Duty.
• Tax Plan.


The firm represents clients before all forums, tribunals in matters relating to taxation, valuations, assessments, claims and demands from the department. In addition, the firm represents clients in anti-dumping and safeguard dutymatters.

• Import-export Laws Procedures
• TariffClassification
• WTO Rules &Policies
• WTO Rules & Policies


The corporate and commercial practice is at the heart of Suman Kumar Singh & Co. The firm provides advice on a broad spectrum of matters, ranging from general corporate advice, corporate governance, company formations, contract law, and exchange control regulations. The firm represents diverse range of clients in evaluating business options, restructuring companies, establishing joint ventures and negotiating other commercial arrangements. The firm also obtains regulatory establishing legal entities or other forms of business presence in India.
Suman Kumar Singh & Co offers specialized advice on all aspects of company law and, as a full service firm; it provides day-to-day corporate compliance services.
Suman Kumar Singh & Co advises and represents buyers, sellers and investors in complex international and domestic business and other commercial and corporate transactions. The ability of firm to understand the client’s business requirements, their grasp of the applicable law and their practical experience ensure the successful and the timely completion of major transactions.

• Secretarial Services.
• Corporate Reorganization & Legal Audits
• Establishment of Branch, Liaison, Project & Representative Offices.
• Exchange Control & Regulatory Matters


Suman Kumar Singh & Co renders project finance services and actively advises lenders and borrowers on credit and security arrangements. The firm has been advising on issue relating to insurance and holding from interest and currency rate fluctuations. Firm clients in this sphere range from project companies to the multilateral funding agencies.

• Banking & Corporate Finance.
• Capital Market Documentation.
• Escrow, Mortgage, Pledge and Lien
• Agreements.
• Loan, Credit & Securities
• Documentation.
• Project Finance.
• Securitization of Assets & Project
• Receivables.